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With the lessons we've learned we can help you start a new business and get your great ideas off the ground or help you revitalize your business with fresh ideas....

Early Start

At 18 years old started my own business from scratch. With in one year I was earning a fulltime wage for part time hours. Took a break from this business for a couple of years to do volunteer work and then came back to it. Lesson: Like most things in life, in business, you get back what you put in.
July 1989

Trial & Error

Being succesful in business is not about getting everything right first time but more about having the courage to try something and learn from mistakes. Whose are the best mistakes to learn from? Other peoples, so do your research and get as much expert advice as you can, before taking that leap of faith! At this time I tried to build an import business but sometimes timing can be almost everything. Lesson: Don't be frightened of paying someone more than yourself, if they know more than you do!
October 2003

Reaping the Rewards

Went back to the business I felt most comfortable with but upscaled the principles of operation to supply larger companies and retail corporations. It is possible to start a substantial business on very little capital with out the need to borrow. Try to find a niche area and offer specialist or bespoke solutions. Lesson: No matter how big you get, most poeple prefer the personal touch.
September 2004

Finding My Niche!

By this time I had learned that owning a large business and earning lots of money is not the same as being happy! Happiness comes from contentment and appreciation. People matter more than profits and its more about self worth than your business' net worth! I decided to invest in what matters most. I started a consultation business but purposefully kept it simple. Lesson: Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most rewarding!
February 2011
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